After the meeting

Post conference entertainment

Time for the recharging and networking is an important part of conferences and meetings. We have various attractive entertainment options and make participants stay at Castle Krokowa pleasant and enjoyable.

  •  The knights’ performance is a spectacular option. We are proud of our brave fighters and their beautiful maidens who are ready fight and perform traditional dances for you. Emotions from the tournament and the grace of the dancers will make the evening unforgettable.
  •  How about an evening around the campfire? The sound of lively music, fresh air, the taste of roast boar and sauerkraut with wild mushrooms followed by drinks of hot mead make you ready to dance, sing and have fun in the warmth of campfire late into the night.
  •  Our dinner and dance takes place in the Castle ballroom where you can dance late into the night while also enjoying our chef’s delicious dishes.
  •  A visit to the former residents of the Castle. The guide will take you for the journey through the eras following the traces of the von Krokows family and tell you about the mysteries of the Castle and the park.
  •  Full relaxation awaits you in the spa in “Podzamcze”, our building under the Castle walls. It offers a L’Oreal Professional hair salon, massage, a solarium, as well as face and body treatments. A visit to our spa can help you to regain vitality and energy for further work.
  •  Golf can be enjoyed at the nearby Sierra Golf Club. This outdoor activity is a great fun and delivers an enjoyable competition for experienced golf players as well as for beginners.
  •  Networking meetings with a special theme can be an unforgettable evening for everyone. It is a great opportunity to experience the atmosphere of Wild West Saloons, to become a part of a chosen period, to meet ghosts or to dance the samba into the early hours. Leaving your daily life behind just enjoy yourself, have fun and network.
  •  In the mysterious dungeons of Castle Krokowa you will find a cosy bar where our guests may enjoy the finest spirits, wines and ales and have a game of pool.
  •  For music lovers we can offer chamber concerts, folk bands or the relaxing, smooth sounds of jazz played by professional musicians. We are happy to help you with your choice and are  ready to introduce you to the relaxing world of music.