One of the oldest crafts – plaiting – Regional Museum in Krokowa presents an exhibition “Wickerwork”.

Based on ethnographic research documenting the work of people involved in traditional wicker. In areas adjacent to Wisla, extended with the territory of the whole Poland, Lviv in Ukraine and Lower Lausitz in Germany was established exhibition includes dozens of colorful, large-format photographs and nearly 100 items – tools, dies, materials.

The creators of exhibition are members of the Association Serfenta, research team composed
of: Paulina Adamska-Malesza, Zdzislaw Kwasek, Krystian Pisowicz, Zbigniew Polaczyk, Natalia Wenclik-Olszewska Anna Zelech.

The exhibition is available in the month of June from Monday to Friday from 11.00 to 17.00, in July (up to 07.10.2013) every day from 10.00 to 18.00.

July 6 Zdzislaw Citric , one of the creators of the “Wickerwork! He will make 4 hour workshop of the wickerwork. Co-founder of Land Slawinska Cultural Association, the organizer of workshops, open airs and happenings wickerwork, who wrote numerous articles about wicker and a regional level. Excellent teacher, storyteller and passionate wicker.